The patio is the social centre of your backyard – where you and your guests love to gather for relaxing, dining and backyard entertaining. Get the most out of your outdoor space with the right design and layout.
Endless design possibilities
Your patio can be terraced, multi-level or ground level, small or expansive, and placed for privacy or to be the focal centre of your backyard oasis. We work with the surrounding gardens, ground level(s) and other hardscapes (horizontals) as well as trees, structures, and architecture (verticals) to build patios of stunning beauty.
Poolside escape
Create the pool setting that is your ideal escape with a fantastic selection of patio materials, colours, textures and tones. Added to the traditional selection of concrete and precast materials is now natural stone, square-cut flagstone, exposed aggregate, pavers or porcelain tile.
A natural foundation
Natural stone patios and steps are unmatched for their timeless look of distinction. Materials like limestone, flagstone and stone-look pavers always complement the surrounding natural beauty. Add patio furniture and even a fire pit, and you have a setting for a making great memories.
A private space all your own
If you relish a little more privacy than your current backyard offers, we can incorporate features such as privacy screens, green walls or partially closed pavilions to give you just the seclusion you're looking for.
An integrated beauty
Working with the surrounding gardens, hardscapes and architecture, patios can be designed to integrate with the look and feel of the overall area.
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