Outdoor Kitchens

There’s no better way to make an occasion out of dinner than to take it outside! Whether easy weeknight dinners, summer morning breakfasts or backyard parties, when outdoor cooking is added to the mix, everyone’s happier!
Built-in BBQ or Grilltop
With so many designs and features available to choose from, there's cooking equipment for every kind of cook – and outdoor experience.
Built-in Fridge
Keep your ingredients close at hand for quick and easy food prep. Add some cold drinks for quick and easy relaxation!
Raised Bar Counters and Cocktail Prep Area
Having a defined bar area for seating and drink prep is all about making sure everyone is taken care of and feeling at ease.
Lighting Features
Make sure you’re never limited by lack of light. Proper lighting for food prep and more ambient for eating areas will ensure you get the most out of your...
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